"What is dance? What is physical consciousness and how is it achieved? What is the purpose of making the body a responsive instrument of the ego and a servent of the spirit? What is the secret, the value, contained in the body, in physical activity, in matter, and how can it be extracted from the massa confusa of the unconscious?"

                                                                                                          Joan Dexter Blackmer

                                                                                           (from 'The Acrobats of the Gods') "One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."

                                                                                           Friedrich W. Nietzsche


"Bring the pure wine

of love and freedom...

But sir,

a tornado is coming...

More wine and

we'll teach this storm

A thing or two about whirling"

Watch Sufi Whirling





"and the important thing was that, the weight of the body against the floor was emphasised. You

did not try to deny the weight of the body, of gravity..." Martha Graham

Watch Martha Graham




"The most essential componenet of African healing dance is the inner

world of the dancer; the spirit you bring to the dance... which is the source of your own healing" Wyoma

Watch African Healing Dance with Wyoma





"Dancers are indeed acrobats of God" Joan Dexter Blackmer

Watch Georgian Nationale Ballet




Gabrielle Roth, dancer and creator of 5Rhythms and The Dancing Path, talks about how they allow us to "let go" to embrace the authentic, intuitive self within. This allows for tremendous change and transformation in our lives as we surrender to the dance of living. 

Watch 5rhythms of Dance - Gabrielle Roth

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